Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FEC202 May 22, 2012

Bob and Eileen Harris joining Mizz Caboose, SignalMan Bo and me this afternoon at the Junction to see the East Coast Hogger and Jim on two RPBs 107 and 104. Fast train, good-looking, too.
EoT past MP216 at 4:28PM.
cabooses, Bo and Bob and Eileen Harris.

FEC202 May 22, 2012 vid link:

ECH and Jim flyin by Caboose Junction with 107 and 104 and all the various cars Larry and Ron told you earlier.  One of my favs, is the "Baby Blue" tank.  Posting for Caboose as Bob and Eileen Harris joined us today along with Signalman Bo.  Talk about a junction, with four vehicles and five people!  Cars were slowing as they passed and rubber necking to figure out what was happening.  Caboose took Bob and Eileen on to do some history lessons of the wye in Sebastian and some Fellsmere railroad related spots.  When 101 comes through and dinner time, I will meet up with them.  Almost forgot, EOT @4:28pm.
Anita caboose.

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